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I paint on canvas with oils most of the time. The stroke of the brush against the canvas and the smell of oil paints in the studio is what makes me thrive. I occasionally work with different materials. Some of the material used in my three dimensional work includes timber, plaster, chalk and iron. I have also started to meld in the digital world, but my preferred medium remains oils on canvas.

My admiration for abstract expressionism is what led me to where I am, but it all started a lot earlier with a profound love for cubism. I start every painting with thoughts that derive from my personal life. From cities I have lived in and visited or to happy or tragic events and experiences. Needless to say I dwell in the abstract. A very important aspect of what I do when painting is the combining of colours. The mixing of paints is a ritual that is absolutely necessary in the creation of my body of work. The marks and lines I push against the canvas come together in layers with colours intertwined, to create imaginary landscapes derived from places or insignificant markings on the footpath. My work is more topographical than anything else. It probably comes from the love of travel that started at a very young age.

I was born in Tours, France in 1971. My love for painting started when I was living in Sao Paulo, Brazil at the age of 13. My Parents collected naive paintings when we lived there and I started private painting classes. After moving to Taipei, Taiwan in 1985, I kept painting in high school, under the supervision of two great teachers. I moved on to New York in 1990 and completed a BFA at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. In 1995 I moved back to France where I set up a studio in the small town of Sennecey-le-Grand in Burgundy. In the few years I was there I had several solo shows and had my paintings and sculptures in many Salons, including the Salon d Automne in Paris. In 1998 I made the move to Sydney, Australia. I have a studio set up in Croydon, where I live with my wonderful and supporting wife Jacqui and three kids Seraphine, Rosalie and Leo.